Why a Christmas tree at Christmas?

Jason Nicklin
27 Sep , 2022
If you think about it bringing a tree indoors is a pretty sill idea!
So asking why we do it is a great question. Lets go way back in time to find the answer.
You then go all the way back to the time when our ancestors, the Germans, ran after their Christmas dinner in bearskins. For real!
Around the shortest day of the year, which is December 21, they celebrated the Midwinter Festival. At the midwinter festival they celebrated and evil was chased away and the light came in.
The green tree, the Christmas tree of today, which the Germans brought into their home simply symbolized a new season.
Why is a Christmas tree decorated?
Hundreds of years after the beginning of the Germanic tradition, candles were added to the Christmas tree. The candles symbolized the light, appropriate to the new season.
Still later, the baubles were also added to the Christmas tree. The Christmas balls symbolized fertility.
Does the Christmas tree have anything to do with religion?
In the past, the Catholic Church has tried everything to keep the Christmas tree out of the houses. This because they thought it had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus.
She failed to do that. And with time, the Christmas tree has become more and more a symbol of the birth of Jesus. Many churches now have one.
Where does Santa Claus come from?
If you believe the fables about Santa Claus, a Coke manufacturer would have invented Santa Claus. But that is fortunately not true. The very popular big good guy in America even has a Dutch heritage. Santa Claus is a combination of the Dutch Sinterklaas and the British Father Christmas.
He came to America with the Dutch and British migrants and, funnily enough, has now returned to Europe. So the circle is complete again. Pretty funny huh?
What was the first Christmas like?
The first Christmas looked very different. No one has yet wondered why a tree at Christmas. The first Christmas was about Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus, the son of God. It took place in a stable where Jesus was born. This is because there was no more room in the inn.
No trees, candles, or balls were involved here. Just the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
So now you know!
When you get asked why a Christmas tree at Christmas, you can say... The Christmas tree in the very beginning has nothing to do with the birth of little baby Jesus. But just like lots of things at Christmas it really is now just part of the fun.

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