How to buy a fresh Christmas tree?

Some suppliers of Christmas trees (big chains that sell hundreds of thousands of tree have them shipping to the UK from Europe really early so they can get the product into their supply chain.  These poor little trees don’t stand a chance of making it to Christmas! Our trees are cut to order from a UK Christmas tree farm, meaning you receive only the freshest trees available. The sign of a fresh tree is a strong shape and firm needles.


How do I make my tree last?

Ideally you should saw 3cm off the bottom of the trunk about an inch off the bottom of the trunk, as this will help to open up the pores, which absorb the water. The pores can become blocked with sap very quickly, so a fresh cut will do your tree a world of good.  This isn’t always practical, so the most important this is to keep your tree well away from heat, Christmas trees don't like hot environments - they become dehydrated and they lose their needles much faster. Don't stand your tree in close a radiator or fire.


Do I need a stand? 

Many people plant their tree in sand or soil, which is a bad idea, as this can block the pores. Get a specially designed Christmas tree stand and avoid the frustrating task of getting your tree to stand straight with bricks and sand!


Can I water my tree? 

You can water it, a 6 foot Christmas tree can drink 2-3 pints of water per day! When you water it, If the water goes down the tree is taking it on board, if it doesn’t it isn’t.  Keep your stand topped up with plenty of water if it’s being drunk, otherwise there is no need, just make sure the tree is in a cool place to maintain it. 


When should you put up your Christmas tree?

Christmas Creep means Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  But when should you put up your Christmas tree in your home, along with all of the other traditional decorations

Sometime between the first and third week in December is ideal, don’t forget to take them down by 12th night thou! 


When should I take my Christmas tree down?

Traditionally all Christmas decorations, including the Christmas tree, should be taken down by the twelfth night of Christmas (twelve nights after Christmas, which is January 5th). In many countries, taking down your tree after the twelfth night is considered bad luck!

If you’d like us to take your tree away simply book a collection. 


How long will a Christmas tree last?

Exactly how long your Christmas tree will last depends on how well you look after it. If you keep your tree well-watered and well away from heat sources, your tree will stay healthy for upwards of a month, meaning you'll have a beautiful Christmas tree for the entire Christmas season.


Will the tree drop needles? 

Yes.  This is a fresh cut natural product and like any flowers you buy from the florist it will lose needles as it gets less fresh.  The non-drop trees lose less needles than the traditional trees and both will last longer if you store them in a cool place. 


Can I order a specific shape tree?

The short answer is no.  We only sell premium Christmas trees that have been specifically farmed to have a traditional shape.  All of our trees are beautiful in their own grown-by-mother-nature way!  


How wide will my tree be? 

Generally speaking Christmas trees are about half as wide as they are tall, so if you order a 6 foot tree it will be about 3 ft wide at it’s widest point.  


What time will my tree be delivered? 

We can’t specify a specific delivery time as our carriers don’t provide a tracking service.  We can say that 90% of our (outside London) deliveries are completed before 1 o’clock.  When ordering a tree you can let us know if there is a safe place to leave it and we are happy to do so.  For trees delivered in London we can provide a rough time frame from the driver on the day of delivery by calling 0203 519 9997 after 9.30 on your delivery day. 


Can I change my delivery address? 

Of course, just contact customer service on 0203 519 9997 or use the form on the Contact page. 


Can you leave my order somewhere safe? 

When ordering a tree you can let us know if there is a safe place to leave it and we will. 


Can you put the tree in it’s stand for me? 

Yes, we have a charge for this service, a cost inside London £10, outside London £25.  If you order one of our easy fit stands putting the tree up is really easy if you can find someone to lift the tree.


Do you do bigger trees and how much are they? 

Yes we do, prices depend on the service you require call us or fill out the form in the Services section of this site.


Do you collect trees? 

We can collect and recycle your tree for you, book a collection on the Collection page.