We offer real Christmas trees installation and decorating services inside and out, big or small.

We are the only Christmas tree company with a nationwide network of decorating elves ready to jump into action and get your workplace the Christmas cheer it deserves!

Whether you are looking for a massive Christmas tree install or a tiny one

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We are super experienced in:

Restaurants & Pubs
We work with major Restaurant and Pub chains every year designing and managing decoration installations (whether by your staff or ours). If you have a project you’d like to add some more shine to call us for a consultation.

We have put massive trees on 20th floor patios and 4 ft trees in reception. From the top of your business to the bottom we have Christmas covered. We can offer something special for any budget large or small just give us a call!

We can decorate your hotel inside and out. Maybe a glistening Christmas walkway with silver branches and thousands of lights or a simple tree dressed with dried fruit and flowers. Contemporary or classic? Maybe use elegant lights to highlight your roofline? LEDs around the front canopy or window frames? Wicker reindeer? Simply fresh garlands up the stairway... Whatever you need (even if you don’t know what it is) we’re here to take the strain. Our designers will work with you (and within your set budget) to create the perfect theme to suit your brand environment.

Anywhere else? 
Absolutely! Give us a call or fill out the quote request.  we won’t disappoint!