Christmas tree care 101

Caring for a real Christmas tree is not difficult. It just requires a little bit of attention.

The best place to start is by thinking of your tree as you would a bunch of flowers. Treat it with the same sort of care and you shouldn't go to far wrong.

Top tips on Christmas tree care:

Allow the Christmas tree to acclimatise for at least 1 day in a cool place in the house. For example, a shed, garage, hall way or storage room. The Christmas trees are often lifted under cold conditions and the step to a warm living room is then too big.

A Christmas tree of 5ft or 1.5m would like about half a litre of water per day. The amount of water depends on the size of the tree and should be adjusted at your own discretion depending on the environment.

Keep the tree away from heat! Turn off under floor heating and make sure any heat source is at least 2m away.

Don't put the tree in a drafty place. For example, with a door that opens and closes many times a day. It doesn't like sudden changes in temperature!

Keep the humidity of the room where you place the Christmas tree regulated, so that the air does not become too dry.

Be kind to your Christmas tree!

These tips mean that your tree dries out less quickly and will therefore lose fewer needles. Of course, a Christmas tree remains a natural product, and any needle loss cannot be prevented. However, with this Christmas tree care, we are convinced that you can enjoy a beautiful, full and green Christmas tree for the longest time.