Rent a real Christmas tree


When it comes to sorting a Christmas tree, it can be a lot of hard work at a busy time. The effort is not limited to researching the best real tree for you. No! The real work begins when you have to take it home and decorate it. Furthermore, you have to recycle it after the Christmas season.

If you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree, we can do that too. Elves prefer real Christmas tree rentals rather that fake trees. Most of the artificial trees are not recyclable and leave a big ugly carbon footprint. Environmentalists are asking people to make choices that don’t harm our planet. You can play your part by not buying an artificial tree.


You can choose to rent a tree to avoid all the efforts. There are a lot of companies that are offering rental Christmas trees. Good Elf is one of the leading companies that offer you rent a Christmas tree near me. Not only this, but they will also take it back and recycle after the season. Isn’t it an exciting offer? Let’s find out how it works.

What is Christmas Tree Rentals Service?


A tree rental service might be something new for you. Whereas, it is in the market for many years. There are many companies offering different types of services, i.e. rent Christmas tree London.


Some companies ask you to pick up your tree and then bring it back after the reason. A few companies deliver the tree at some extra charges. Some companies offer a complete package, where professionals manage everything.


Here we are talking about the complete package. It requires you to choose a tree of your choice and they will deliver it to your office. You don’t need to worry about the decorations or recycling after the reason.

How to Rent a Tree?


Renting Christmas trees is as easy as buying anything online. All you need to do is to visit the website of Good Elf and choose a tree. Once you select a tree, you need to book an installation date.


The Good Elf will send you the tree at your address. They will install the tree at your desired location. You have to do nothing.


An important thing to note is that the tree comes cut without a pot.  You can’t regrow it. A positive thing about the company is that they grow two new trees for every one they cut down. It is great for our environment.


What are the Available Options ?


When it comes to decorations or tree themes, the Good Elf provides you enough options. There are three themes available to rent a Christmas tree UK.

·        Ice White/Silver

·        Traditional Red

·        Shiny Gold

If you'd like any other colour we are sure to be able to do that too. Just tell us what you'd like and the Good Elf will make it happen!

Apart from the theme, you can also choose the size of the Christmas trees for hire. They offer a range of tree sizes from 4 to 40 feet.


Furthermore, if you have any special requirements, you can share it with the company. If you want to get a quote before giving on order, you can request a detailed quote for the Christmas trees for rent.


How Much It Cost?


The cost of Christmas tree rentals varies depending on the size and decoration. It ranges from £269 to around £639 depending on the size.


How to Recycle Christmas Tree?


Last but not the least, you don’t have to recycle the rental Christmas tree. When the season is over, a few professionals of Good Elf will visit you to bring back the tree. They will handle the recycling process.


It makes the whole process very interesting. You don’t have to move an inch and everything will be done .

Why is better to rent a Christmas tree rather than buy it


Buying a Christmas tree rental London is a daunting task especially when you want to buy a perfect piece. After the purchase, you have to ensure transportation. Now, you have to take care of the decorations. Wait, your job is not done yet, you have to recycle rented Christmas trees after the Christmas season.


You can save all the effort by hiring Christmas trees. The Good Elf is in the business for years and they know how to handle a Christmas tree UK. You will have no trouble at any stage. Book your installation date before they are completely booked for Christmas.