The Good Elf aspires to be the most sustainable Christmas tree service we can be. Using real trees where ever possible to reduce carbon release and land fill.

Real Christmas trees capture CO2 and they continue doing so even after they have been cut!
The Good Elf offers the most sustainable option for your Christmas tree selection. We are super keen on reducing the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible. We only source trees from quality growers. Growers with sustainable plantations and a solid environmentally friendly ethos.

All our larger trees used in London are grow with 15 miles of the city.
Every tree we sell wouldn't have been planted in the first place if it wasn't to be delivered as a fresh cut Christmas tree. That means a full growing cycle of collecting carbon from the atmosphere.

After your tree is harvested it is replaced with a new sapling to start the process again.
We use British grown Christmas trees to reduce our ‘tree miles’ or Santa's footprint as we like to think of it.

When recycling we chip the trees to reduce the volume. These chippings can then be used in parks or gardens as mulch. If we can’t find a home for them they go to the green waste recycling centre. The site we use is again within a stones throw of the London.

The Good Elf is a Green Elf!