2022 Christmas Tree Delivery London & UK

Christmas Tree delivery


Good Elf was the first online only Christmas tree delivery service and we still offer the best! Originally we offered delivery of Christmas trees in London but we quickly expanded the service to cover the whole of the UK.

Christmas trees are the focal point of every home over the Christmas period. Let the Good Elf do the hard work and deliver your beautiful tree straight to your door.

Our elves are ready and waiting at the farm to choose a special tree for your home. Carefully pack it and ship it on it's way to you for your special Christmas.

We pride ourselves on supplying only the finest trees. You can rest assured that you’ll get a premium Christmas tree and you’ll be the envy of all your neighbours.

Real Christmas trees give that traditional Christmas feeling that you simply can’t get with an artificial tree. The smell, the feel and above all, the look of Good Elf Christmas trees simply can’t be matched!


Broadly speaking you are going to pay about an extra £20 to get your Christmas tree delivered. It can be more if you have really big real Christmas trees or want to use our Christmas tree installation or decoration service. There are benefits to using us beyond the obvious convenience of having Christmas trees delivered. The fact is it is in our interest to offer you the very best product available. The better your tree the more likely you are to order from us again next year. You don't see the tree we choose it for you, so we only have the very best trees to choose from.

That's why we only offer the highest standard of tree. The Christmas trees you find for sale near you are most likely offering "standard" or "budget" grade Christmas trees. These are an inferior product. That's why it takes so long to pick a real Christmas tree from the selection on a site near you. They just don't have the same standard trees as we have for delivery.

We do this because we want to offer you the best product and it makes commercial sense. It makes it really easy for our elves to pick out the best Christmas tree for delivery to you if we only have the best available.


I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. My tree was waiting for me when I got home - and I only ordered it Sunday evening. It is beautiful and my 10 yr old daughter was thrilled to see it! (Caroline - Chelsea, London)

I have used the Good Elf's Christmas tree delivery service for the past few years and as a busy person I always struggle to get things done over Xmas. I appreciate the professional service; from place of order to the tree arriving. Always a great start to Xmas (Danny Lawrence)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much… completely saved us! (Kim - SW London)

We were so pleased with the trees delivered. It was far better than we could have hoped for, so thank you! The tree and decorations did look really lovely and the church looked magnificent, so thank you again for another job well done :) (Lisa - City of London)

Good Service, Good Elf has now delivered and picked up our Christmas Tree for several years now. This year I requested a change in the delivery date at the very last minute not thinking they would be able to but they did and we have yet another beautiful tree - (Jill)

Great customer service - The guys from good elf came and delivered a wonderful Christmas tree to my house on Friday. Unfortunately it was a bit too large for us so they kindly returned with a smaller tree the next day. Great customer service. Thanks to all your super elves 👍👍👍 - (Elaine)

Absolutely amazing tree. Thank you. This is the first real tree I've had since living in the UK and absolutely thrilled. The tree was delivered on time. We had a little glitch with the stand but a refund was given straight away and not a big deal. Will definitely be returning next year. - (Angela)


Good Elf offer two main types of Christmas tree. (All our trees are premium grade Christmas trees, which is the highest grading of tree).

The Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce tree is the ‘original’ Christmas tree. If you see a period Christmas movie and there is a tree in it, it is probably a Spruce.

These are fantastic trees, they have a great triangle shape to them and smell absolutely fantastic. In terms of price this is the cheapest option and if you have a cold spot for it, it's a great option.

There are a couple of downsides; they are a little bit prickly and don't like living in a warm environment. We use these trees for larger installations; the trees you see in Trafalgar Square or outside 10 Downing Street, London. Both of these are Norway Spruce.

The Nordmann Fir (non-drop Christmas tree)

The Nordmann Fir has become the most popular tree in the UK. It's the most popular for some very good reasons.

Shape: An excellent shape with full bushy branches, this species is a full Christmas tree.

Longevity: This Christmas tree was grown to be inside and last the whole of the Christmas period. You can confidently rely on this type of tree to last (as long as you look after it of course).

Needle retention: The Nordmann is more commonly know as the "non-drop tree" in the UK because it keeps it's needles. If you want the least amount of vacuuming this is the tree for you!


The Good Elf offer's the fastest Christmas tree delivery in London. In some cases we have had a real Christmas tree near by and dropped it off straight away. Literally within 10 minutes of the order being placed on the website. Of course the real answer is 'it depends', let us know what you need and we'll give you as accurate a window as we can.