Office Christmas trees

About Good Elf's Christmas tree hire

Christmas Trees are, in many ways, a true celebration of the Christmas spirit. Good Elf allows you a unique opportunity to hire an office Christmas tree. Gather around with your work colleagues and friends and collectively share in the joys of the Christmas season!

Good Elf not only offers its customers Christmas trees for offices to hire, but they make the hiring of corporate Christmas trees easy. Customers can hire Good Elf's products to be the centre of charming corporate Christmas events. Good Elf also offers a decorating service in which you can select corporate Christmas decorations to match your Christmas colour scheme. Good Elf makes the search, selection, delivery or collection of Christmas trees a smooth and effortless experience for its clients.

Here are the basic steps to follow when hiring your tree:
  1. call us and we'll help you pick out the best option for your office.
  2. Simply select your type of office tree from the choices of Office Christmas trees; real or artificial
  3. Think about what size tree will suit your space
  4. Choose from our range of Christmas decoration themes or come up with something new and unique!
  5. Select a date for installation
  6. Good Elf takes care of the rest including collection and recycling!

Selecting the type of your Christmas Tree

Good Elf provides you with the option of selecting the type of tree you would like. Trees for hire include;

The Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir Tree, otherwise known as the non-drop tree, is the most popular tree variety available. This tree has a gorgeous rounded-shape, softer needles with wonderful needle retention and a delicious scent.

The Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is deemed the traditional Christmas tree, a classic that was first introduced by the Victorians. It is characterised by its stunning green colour and memorable aroma.

Selecting the size of your Christmas tree

Send us a picture of your space if you like and depending on the dimensions we will make a recommendation for you!

Renting a decorated Christmas tree

Good Elf is dedicated to enhancing your festivities through its Christmas tree service by providing you with a Christmas tree decorating service, lights and all!

Choosing your ideal decoration theme

Good Elf provides you with an exquisite array to select your Christmas tree design from, as well as a choice of style and colour options and to add to your unique Christmas colour scheme. This provides customers the chance to customise their Christmas tree with our jolly Christmas decorations to accompany your Christmas theme perfectly. The colour options include traditional Red, ice white/silver tree or a shiny Gold.

Good Elf even offers the option of mentioning any special requirements you may have, simply add a note in 'special requirements' at checkout. 

Picking additional items to add to your selection

Good Elf will not only provide you with a beautiful,  Corporate Christmas trees, but a selection of additional Christmas items. Whatever you need; including the option of adding Christmas tree lights and stands to your shopping cart.The payment and the installation process


Good Elf offers affordable pricing for impeccable products and services. The pricing for trees is dependent on their sizing and ranges. The price of trees ordered that are larger than 12ft may need extra elves so will differ.

Once you have made your selection, you can book an install date online with our contact form. Detailed quotes can be provided upon request.

Installation and recycling

Good Elf makes payments effortless. Good Elf's teams will handle the tree's delivery and installation. Simply phone the contact number provided with any questions you may have and one of Santa's helpers will provide you with more details.

Good Elf's staff will install and decorate your selected tree for you and all conveniently within your office hours. This is done in full compliance with health and safety legislation.

Once a customer is ready to part ways from their Christmas tree, the Good Elf team will undress it and take care of recycling it.

Do Christmas Trees grow back?

Yes, they do! When a tree is not separated from its roots, it can be replanted. However, when separated from its roots the tree, it cannot be replanted, only recycled.

Why choose Good Elf?

Good Elf Christmas tree hire London, is one of the original office Christmas tree services. Which means they've had plenty of time over the years to tailor our services to the customers’ Christmas tree needs. Our Elves focus on providing you with jolly customer service, which set us apart from other businesses. 

There is no doubt that Good Elf will provide your office with a magnificent tree hiring service! And success in its contribution to the ease and thrill of your Christmas season.