Covid-19: Contactless Delivery Service

Health and Safety Notice

The Good Elf wants you, your family and our hard-working Elves to enjoy a safe Christmas this year!

We will provide a safe and secure contactless Christmas tree delivery service that looks after our customers and staff.

This means that our delivery service will be slightly different this year. Drivers will deliver your order to your front door only.

They will knock and step 2 metres away from your order. Once you have acknowledged the delivery the driver will leave. The driver should not be asked to enter your home or office.

We realise that this isn't as convenient as our normal service but our staff and customer health comes first.

The Good Elf is committed to protecting everyone whilst still delivering the best Christmas tree service.

As part of our COVID-19 Health and Safety review we have conducted a comprehensive risk assessment. The results are a number of stringent control measures to ensure protection for virial transmission.

These measures, which are compliant with the UK Government's current guidelines for a 'COVID-19 Secure Employer', have been specifically designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce related risks across all areas of our business. These measures include:

  • Updated procedures - via method statements, risk assessments and in-house training.
  •  Social distancing - Strict social distancing guidelines are in place to ensure at least 2 metres between our staff and customers
  •  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - These include: masks, nitrile disposable gloves and safety glasses
  • Hygiene items - These include: anti-bacterial wipes & sanitiser to wash hands thoroughly before and after visits

 Hygienic travelling practices - our guidelines include:

  • Avoiding any unnecessary travel
  • Use of disposable gloves and sanitiser for refuelling company vehicles
  • Avoiding unnecessary visits to fuel stations
  • Company vehicles stocked with a sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and a 3 day supply of PPE.

Distribution and Call Centre: 

  • Social Distancing - Strict social distancing guidelines are in place to maintain at least two metres between colleagues. A one-way flow system is implemented with appropriate visual aids and signage.
  • PPE - Face masks are provided to all our staff. For active roles such as the loading and unloading of vehicles or warehouse activities where 2m separation is difficult PPE will be provided in addition to other separation measures.
  • Start/Finish and other break times - Staggered start and finish and break times ensure that people are apart during building entry and exit and not in close contact during breaks.

Strict Hygiene measures include:

  • Hygiene training and guidance and refreshers
  • Regular hand washing and surface cleaning (all materials provided)
  • Hand shaking and gatherings at work are prohibited

Travel guidelines include:

  • Only essential business related travel is allowed
  • All non-essential meetings should be by a video call or telephone
  • All employees are encouraged to avoid public transport using alternative methods of travel. Cycling/walking to work is positively encouraged
  • Masks will be provided to those that cannot avoid using public transport

Illness - Staff are encouraged not to leave home if they or any member of their household show any COVID-19 related symptoms, including a high temperature.

Working Safely

Our Safe & Healthy work guidelines have been formulated in consultation with our employees and partners, and in compliance with the UK Government’s latest official guidance.

Official advice via UK Government and devolved public health agencies is monitored regularly for latest details and best practice shared with employees relevant to their roles and locations. Our employees are kept fully briefed and up to date with latest COVID-19 advice on staying protected through regular in-house communication.