Christmas tree stand


The new generation of Cinco Classic stands are simple and quick they are use. Using four adjustable point screws means you can position your tree how you want no matter what shape it is.

Sized to suit your tree: 

5ft - Small 1ft to 5ft (1.5m)

7ft - Medium 6ft or 7ft (2.1m) 

10ft - Large 8ft - 10ft (2.2m - 3m) 

12ft - Extra Large - you get the idea! 

Extra Large Stand example:

This Christmas tree stand works for trees up to 3.60m (12ft) with a trunk of 20cm (8′′) diameter.  It has a large water capacity for the bigger tree.

The Cinco express keeps your tree watered, healthy and fresher for longer.

  • For large xmas trees up to 3.6m (12ft) tall
  • Suitable for trunks up to 8"
  • Water capacity of 11.35 litres
  • Overall diameter of stand is 60cm
  • A ratchet system allow easy control to hold the tree straight and in place, while push-pull tree bolts enable quick release - ideal for instant adjustment or removal of tree.
  • American made and recommended by the Elves for bigger trees!

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