Looking After Your Real Christmas Tree

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Homes and offices can sometimes be quite warm, dry environments, and so we recommend following a few of our simple tips to make sure your Christmas tree lasts its best. With suitable care all of our Christmas trees should easily last at least a month or more, but they are living things of course, and so following a few simple tips will help your office Christmas tree look fabulous right through the festive season.

  • Try to make sure that your Christmas tree is not exposed to any sudden or dramatic changes in temperature. Leaving it near a radiator or air conditioning unit is not a good idea.
  • Christmas trees do better in plain water, not soil or sand as some people think. The particles in soil or sand can actually block the pores in the bark, preventing water from being absorbed, resulting in the tree drying out, and losing its needles.
  • Remember to top up your office Christmas tree with water every day. It's thirsty work being a company Christmas tree! Your tree may well require 2-3 pints (1-2 litres) of water every day, depending upon how large it is. Keep it topped up, and your tree will keep your office or corporate space looking beautiful throughout the Christmas season.


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